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10 Inspirational Leadership Quotes

Organisations need to keep pace with the relentless levels of change the world faces today. This requires leaders to be constantly reflecting on their behaviour and finding ways to improve their performance.

These 10 inspirational leadership quotes exemplify where leaders can find inspiration, what they should pay attention to if they want to be a role model for those they lead, and how they can change.

Our Top 10 Inspirational Leadership Quotes

“In the world of disruption, it requires that you are willing to be uncomfortable. Unless leaders themselves are willing to tolerate discomfort, and a certain level of conflict and friction within their organisation, the execution of their strategy is not possible.”

Sharron L McPherson, Co-founder Centre for Disruptive Technologies

“Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning."

Bill Gates, co-founder Microsoft

“Sport can help people learn about leadership discipline, and the importance of turning up on time, playing by the rules, listening to the referee and playing within boundaries.”

Julie Paterson, CEO Tennis New Zealand

“Inside each of us are two separate personas. There’s the leader/planner/manager who plans to change his or her ways. And there’s the follower/doer/employee who must execute the plan.”

Marshall Goldsmith

“Authentic leaders are constantly asking questions because they want to improve.”

Professor Margarita Mayo, Professor of IE Business School

“You have to be able to challenge your beliefs every single day. You cannot hold it fast to a single belief and say, I’m going to live or die by this. You have to make sure you consider evidence that contradicts your beliefs all the time.”

Vinay Chandra, CEO, High Peak Software, serial entrepreneur

“I have learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Maya Angelou

"If you’re not willing to raise your hand and acknowledge that you’ve got things to work on, there’s no way you can instigate growth and become the best you can be. It’s a willingness to look inside that’s the way to growth."

John Mattone, world’s top authority on Intelligent Leadership

“The job of a leader is to think. Taking action is what they are known for, but that’s pointless and dangerous unless it is preceded by deep, difficult thinking."

Margaret Heffernan, CEO, Author Wilful Blindness, why we ignore the obvious at our peril

“The real learning comes from looking at people in other sectors that are doing things completely differently and thinking about what you can learn from them."

Professor Alex Hill, Co-founder and Director of The Centre for High Performance

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Written by Leadership Coach Sue S


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