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One-to-one coaching, or executive coaching as it is otherwise known, is a process in which a professional coach works with an individual to help them achieve their professional goals. 


At The Leadership Coaches, our team of credible coaches support many of our clients by providing one-to-one coaching. Having worked in various industries, our coaches are experts in maximising each person’s potential irrespective of the industry they work in. 


We currently provide coaching to national and international clients. If you are ready to find out more about one-to-one coaching, review the information below or contact us today to arrange a no-obligation consultation. 


What Is One-to-One Coaching? 

One-to-one coaching is the process of helping individuals develop their leadership skills. Coaching can help individuals learn how to be better leaders, make better decisions, and improve their communication skills. 


During coaching, the coach listens, provides support, and offers feedback to help the individual better understand their strengths and areas for improvement. In many cases, this type of coaching can help people learn new skills, change their behaviour, and improve their overall productivity. 


What Is the Aim of One-to-One Coaching? 

There are many reasons why leaders might seek out one-to-one coaching. In some instances, they want to focus on a specific goal. In other cases, they may need help overcoming obstacles and challenges, such as managing stakeholders or leading a team.  


For this reason, the overall aim of one-to-one coaching greatly varies as it entirely depends on the needs of each individual. Whatever the aim of coaching, we provide each client with a bespoke programme tailored to their needs.  


It is important to note that coaching is not a quick fix. Instead, it is a process that takes time and commitment from both the coach and coachee. 


What Are the Benefits of One-to-One Coaching? 

Coaching comes hand-in-hand with numerous benefits. As one-to-one coaching provides leaders with the time and space they need to reflect on their performance within their role, it enables them to determine what works well and what may need improving. In doing so, leaders can begin to recognise what needs to change for them to perform at their best. 


In addition, one-to-one leadership coaching can: 


  • help leaders explore their current leadership practices. 

  • support leaders in gaining insight into the impact their leadership currently has. 

  • assist leaders in experimenting with new behaviours and strategies. 

  • aid leaders in implementing changes and reviewing how well they work. 

  • help leaders manage and maintain change. 


One-to-one coaching also contributes to higher satisfaction levels within the workplace and enhances productive working relationships. Furthermore, coaching helps people clarify their thinking and set and achieve goals.  


A study conducted by the International Coaching Federation shows that clients report a fivefold increase in their ability to achieve their goals following coaching, whilst others report a ninefold increase in their ability to take action on their goals. 


One-to-One Coaching at The Leadership Coaches 

Before commencing coaching, we first establish who the stakeholders are and their expectations. Following this, we arrange a coaching chemistry session to ensure that the chemistry between the coachee and coach is suitable for a trust-based relationship. 


Once the coachee and coach have agreed to work together, a contracting session establishes objectives, roles, responsibilities, commitment, and frequency of coaching. At this stage, we additionally verify confidentiality. 


As the first series of bespoke one-to-one coaching sessions occur, the coach and coachee work together, the coach learning about the strengths and challenges of the individual, together they explore the topics for progression and through a process of deep listening, incisive questioning, appropriate support and challenge they identify strategies for goal achievement. 


In between sessions, the coachee implements their actions and deepens their learning around the pragmatic actions they’re taking, which informs the next step in moving towards the objective(s). 


We conduct a mid-point review following the first half of the coaching sessions. This enables all parties to ascertain the effectiveness of the sessions and demonstrates whether the coaching intervention is on track. Upon completing the mid-point review, additional coaching sessions focus on developing the objective(s) and addressing any new areas identified in the mid-point review. 


When the series of coaching sessions come to an end, a final review is held to consider the lessons learned and celebrate the coachee's success. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Below, we share just a few of our frequently asked questions surrounding one-to-one coaching. 


How Will I Know if a Leadership Coach Is Right for Me? 

At The Leadership Coaches, we offer each coachee the opportunity to participate in a coaching chemistry session. These sessions enable the coachee to meet with one or two of our coaches to determine if the chemistry is right for a trust-based relationship. 


How Many Coaching Sessions Are Usually Required? 

The number of coaching sessions required entirely depends on the coachee. However, a typical coaching package often includes six-monthly one-to-one coaching sessions and three triad preparation/review meetings.   


How Can a Leadership Coach Help Me if They Are Not Familiar With My Work? 

Throughout coaching sessions, the coach supports the coachee and employs tools to learn more about them and how they manage various situations. All of our coaches have a wealth of experience in leadership coaching; the years they’ve spent training, refining, and in supervision means you can be confident they will be able to support development towards goal achievement.  


What Is the Difference Between One-to-One and Executive Coaching? 

Executive coaching and one-to-one leadership coaching are similar. Both coaching styles support coachees in enhancing their performance at work, and both help individuals develop new skills and relationships with colleagues and employees. 


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