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Whether you have a new team or a team that has worked together for a prolonged period of time, every team can benefit from working with a coach. 


The challenges faced by teams constantly change as organisations evolve. However, team coaching adds value by fast-tracking teams through the stages to achieve the sought-after stage of ‘high performing’ at a much quicker pace. 


What Is Team Coaching? 

Team coaching is a professional development intervention that can be used in organisations to enhance team performance, communication, problem-solving, and decision making.  


Increasing in popularity due to the benefits it has, team coaching is currently employed by 61% of businesses, according to the International Coaching Federation. 

What Is the Aim of Team Coaching? 

The aim of team coaching is to improve the effectiveness of the team by helping team members develop their individual and collective skills. Team coaching may also be used to help teams that are in the process of forming or resolving team conflict. 


In addition to the above, the aim of team coaching is to support teams in self-managing and self-learning. When utilised, coaching can provide long-lasting change and future-proof performance. 


How Do I Know if Team Coaching Is Needed? 

Team coaching can be utilised at almost any time to help maximise teams that perform well together. However, there are some signs that team coaching may be required. For example, team coaching is often needed when there is reduced trust amongst team members. Team coaching is also necessary if the team stumbles upon any problems. These could include: 


  • Not working collaboratively 

  • Failing to achieve goals set 

  • Conflict amongst team members 

  • A lack of communication  

  • Reduced productivity  


If you are unsure whether team coaching is needed, assessing the team’s dynamics is beneficial. In doing so, you can determine whether members work well together, if there are any problems that are yet to be addressed, or if the team experiences difficulty reaching goals. 


A team coaching consultation can also assist you in determining if team coaching is necessary.  


What Are the Benefits of Team Coaching? 

Team coaching can have a profound impact on an organisation. It can help to improve communication by providing a space for team members to share their thoughts and feelings openly. It can also help develop trust by allowing team members to get to know one another better.  


Furthermore, a study conducted by the International Coaching Federation revealed that team coaching improves individual productivity and team morale. 

Team Coaching at The Leadership Coaches 

Team coaching at The Leadership Coaches commences with a series of one-to-one meetings with team members and the team leader to gain a comprehensive understanding of the current team climate. If we believe that the team is in a ‘ready state’, a series of team coaching sessions are conducted.  


Following the first half of the team coaching sessions, a mid-point review is carried out. The purpose of this mid-point review is to assess the progress that has been made so far, identify any potential problems or issues, and make any necessary adjustments to the team coaching. 


Once the mid-point review is complete, team coaching continues until the end of the coaching programme. All coaching programmes end with a final review to celebrate the success of the team and consider the lessons learned. 


In the instance that we do not think the team is ready for team coaching, we suggest a bespoke plan to help each individual collaboratively move towards a ‘ready’ state. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

It is not uncommon to have questions about team coaching, especially before commencing a programme. We have answered some of our most frequently asked questions below to support you. 


How Many Sessions Do Teams Usually Need? 

The number of team coaching sessions that a team requires entirely depends on the team and the progress made throughout the programme. Generally, a team will complete six to eight sessions. However, some teams may employ additional coaching if it is believed to be beneficial. 


How Does A Team Determine Who The Right Coach Is? 

At The Leadership Coaches, we know just how vital it is that the team and coach are able to work together effectively and build a coaching relationship founded on trust. For this reason, we offer a free consultation and coaching chemistry session to determine which coach is best for the team’s needs. 


How Does An Organisation Know If Team Coaching Is Successful? 

The success of team coaching can be defined in many ways. Typically, an organisation knows if team coaching is successful when it sees the following changes in the team: 


  • The team is more productive and has better results.

  • The team works more effectively together and has better communication. 

  • The team is more flexible and able to adapt to change. 

  • The team is better able to handle stress and conflict.

  • The team is more creative and innovative. 


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