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Developing a Coaching Style

Developing a Coaching Style

Do you find keeping your people engaged and motivated challenging? Perhaps your people fear making mistakes in their roles as leaders? When an organisation lacks a coaching style, it's common for leaders to face problems with connection, decision-making, ownership, motivation, and even accountability.


But what if we told you there's a solution and that we can support you?


Our Developing a Coaching Style course has been designed with you in mind. By supporting your leaders in developing a coaching style, you'll have the opportunity to help your people feel valued and heard. You'll also find that your team members take responsibility for their ideas and have space for reflection.


If that wasn't enough, our course will assist you in embracing a learning culture.

About Our Developing a Coaching Style Course

Our Developing a Coaching Style course is an introduction to using a coaching style in day-to-day leadership and management. A coaching style has proven to be a highly effective style for engagement and empowerment, but also for open accountability and honest conversations.


Coaching has learning at its core that not only seeks to improve current performance, but also to develop the capacity and capability to improve future performance as well.


During this course, leaders will be given time to experience coaching others and also be coached by others. There will additionally be time to observe other people coach as a technique for further developing personal coaching styles and giving feedback.


The aim of this course is for leaders to be able to seamlessly integrate a coaching style into their everyday leadership and management.

Developing a Coaching Style
"We thought the balance between practice and theory was good, and it felt like the exercises were well adapted and relevant to our work."
CEO, Close the Gap

What Areas Are Covered During The Course?

Our Developing a Coaching Style course covers the following areas for managers and leaders:


  • Establishing personal philosophy of leadership

  • Working with coaching definitions

  • Contracting the working relationship with the team

  • Developing quality in listening and attention

  • Techniques and processes for asking questions that unlock development and improve performance

Learning Objectives

The learning objectives for our Developing a Coaching Style course include:

  • Identify leadership philosophy in order to create a coaching style.

  • Develop a professional working contract that enables colleagues to maximise their potential.

  • Compare and contrast coaching definitions to establish clarity of purpose.

  • Practice and experience coaching techniques so that learning is embedded.

  • Develop a learning plan that builds a learning culture.

Whom Is This Course Aimed At?

This course is aimed at existing leaders and managers as well as aspiring colleagues who wish to develop a coaching style.

Course Delivery

Our Developing a Coaching Style course can be delivered either virtually, comprising of four bite-size sessions of two hours followed by a single half-day session of three hours and 30 minutes (five sessions in total).


If face-to-face, the course can be delivered over two full days.


Participants keep a learning journal made up of short comments on learning. Participants also engage in two one-to-one supervision sessions with an accredited and experienced executive coach.


These sessions are confidential meetings that aim to provide a coaching space for participants to discuss reflections from the course, their belief system, and their coaching approach.

Developing a Coaching Style course

Frequently Asked Questions 

We've answered some of our most frequently asked questions surrounding our Developing a Coaching Style course below. If you have any other questions, please contact us directly.


Are There Any Prerequisites?

Our Developing a Coaching Style course is an introductory course and as such there are no requirements for pre-learning or experience of coaching. 


Who Will Be Leading the Course?

Our courses are led by experienced facilitators who are expert and accredited coaches.


What Style Will the Course Be In?

Our facilitators follow an action learning style where significant time is given to experiencing learning rather than delivering in a didactic style. This results in deep learning that is enjoyable, active, engaging, and remembered and that will embed in your practice.

Do I Have To Have Any Coaching Experience Before I Attend?

This course is an introduction to developing a leadership coaching style and as such no prior knowledge or experience of coaching is required. If you have a little experience of coaching or you have completed some previous training that you were not able to embed into your practice, this course is also applicable for you.

What if I Miss an Online Session?

The online course sessions are sequential in nature and follow a specific learning journey and design. It will therefore be important that you are able to commit to each session. In the event of exceptional circumstances, these can be discussed with our Director of Coaching who will explore alternative arrangements for you.

Do You Have Any Useful Links for Me To Read?

We have many useful blogs and explanations that will help you to consider if developing a leadership coaching style is for you.

Download our course brochure to find out more about our coaching courses.

If you'd like to find out more about our Developing a Coaching Style course, get in touch via the contact form below.

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