William Galton

Years of Experience: 20+


Qualifications & Professional Memberships:

  • An MSc in Change Agent Skills and Strategies from the University of Surrey 

  • A Diploma in Performance Coaching from Newcastle College.


Specialist Areas:

  • Coaching that focuses on increasing productivity, personal performance, team management and effectiveness, leadership and responsiveness to change 

  • Strengthening core management competencies and developing people’s communication (especially sales and service) and influencing skills

  • Evaluating training needs, requirements and gaps

  • Training development planning, design, measurement and embedding/on-site coaching

  • Augmenting in-house training and learning resources/teams to increase the commerciality and impact of training interventions

  • Development of training materials working across delivery approaches (e.g. face-to-face; video; e-learning) media and channels

  • Facilitating change at organisational, team and individual levels.

  • Supporting cultural change by, for example, helping teams define their values, vision and mission.



What my clients want in ten words:

Reflection time to identify actions to help them further succeed.



How I coach:

  • Face to Face

  • Skype/Zoom/Video Call

  • Telephone


Where I coach:

  • Home

  • London, Northampton, The Midlands. North East, North West and The South East.

My experience spans training and development consultancy for new and existing ventures. My expertise includes coaching, change management, L & D consultancy design & implementation and project management. I’m accredited in DISC.


What coaching clients say about me and my style:

“….has been my executive coach for the last 18 months. He has made lots of useful suggestions at our quarterly coaching sessions to help me deal with specific work challenges. I have put these into practice and have identified clear benefits for my own performance and that of the business during a time of significant change.”


“…has a very enthusiastic and engaging style and I have very much enjoyed working with him. I would certainly recommend him to other senior managers who feel they might benefit from executive coaching.” 


I am a pragmatist and I want people to feel empowered – In relation to the latter, I believe that people have the capability to address their own problems and identify solutions; I believe that ‘the key to powerful thinking is powerful questioning’, this is my coaching mantra that I use most regularly – I won’t and am not a fan of answering a question just with another question as a default coaching position.

The hours spent with William as my Executive Coach have genuinely been the most useful investment of time in my career to date. Thank you for facilitating and provoking me to think in just the right ways. I have no doubt it will pay dividends in both the short and longer-term. Needless to say, William comes with a big recommendation from me!

I had the pleasure of being coached by William as part of our company's 2-year leadership program. William was extremely resourceful with management tools up his sleeve for every scenario that I put forth as part of my development journey. He helped me climb up the steepest part of my career learning curve around managing people managers with empathy and reason. William provided very relevant coaching guidance to help support my day to day leadership requirements along with always having an eye on the long term goal & realigning me on to the track anytime I was steering off course I would absolutely & highly recommend William for Leadership Executive coaching.

I have been fortunate to benefit from some executive coaching from William. The experience has been deeply rewarding for me and his gentle, warm, engaging style has allowed me to challenge myself in a safe environment. He grounded sessions in my day-to-day challenges and my self-awareness, resilience and relationships have all benefitted dramatically. I would not hesitate to work with William again given the opportunity.