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Executive coaching testimonials at The Leadership Coaches

The Leadership Coaches Testimonials

Here at The Leadership Coaches, we have helped others improve and employ their skills in the real world.  But don't just take our word for it.  Read our reviews below.

I didn't know what to expect from coaching, but I knew I needed some kind of guidance.


Sue helped me to transition from a hands-on Manager to a Senior Executive by assessing my personality with a proven methodology - Birkman Assessment.


She supported me in finding my own answers to different challenges I was facing, building my professional confidence, widening my perspective and teaching me how to create positive ripple effects.


Having coaching sessions with Sue was a turning point in my career; I highly recommend her.

The impact of Sukhy’s coaching on me has been that I started to appreciate myself more, understand what kind of leader I want to be and take active steps to realise my vision.


I particularly found Sukhy’s coaching valuable during the pandemic when my colleagues and friends have gone into their shells and became more irritable. Sukhy helped me to take myself out of situations and see them completely differently. I surprised myself this week when upon receiving negative feedback instead of dwelling on it, I simply thought that “I do not take advice from people I do not want to be like” and moved on. I credit Sukhy for encouraging this mindset. 

Being coached by Nicky has been incredibly powerful and beneficial to me. Nicky is immensely intuitive and was quickly able to understand me and how best to support my unique journey.


Nicky is supportive and encouraging, and cares deeply about you as a person, and is totally committed to getting you the best possible outcome from working together. She is insightful and generous in sharing her experience and tools.

Nicky has enabled me to deeply connect to my purpose and passion, and then challenged and supported me to translate this into tangible outcomes, which will result in positive changes in my life and career.

Zoe has worked with our organisation for many years and is a trusted and well respected coach and facilitator. She has been instrumental is designing and delivering our management programme and coaching sessions.


As a coach, I personally find her to be caring and supportively challenging in a way that helps you get to the route of the issue and form an action plan to resolve it. Very empowering! I recommend her to everyone I can.

Lisa's coaching is gentle but firm, and insightful. She asks the questions that make you address issues, problems, questions, and then helps you work towards the answers or improved scenarios.  She makes you work and holds you accountable. Her coaching was key to helping me move away from - and work through - a very bad career experience. She made me acknowledge and 'combat' my inner saboteurs, and basically helped me to re-calibrate and rebuild.

Heather provided leadership coaching to me over a number of months, during a period of significant professional and personal change. I found it very easy to build a rapport with Heather because of her natural warmth and empathy. She provided constructive challenge and encouraged self-reflection, whilst maintaining a positive and professional environment. I always left my coaching sessions feeling energised and looking forward to the next one.

Carol's coaching style allowed for a relaxed environment and created the opportunity for me to lead on finding the solutions to dealing with my obstacles. It brought me back to focusing on my core values and became the catalyst for reframing of my thoughts and feelings in such a way that I have become a lot more positive about my direction. I have a strong sense of discipline, and therefore trust my assurance to self that I will maintain the progress achieved over the course of the coaching sessions.

Zoe facilitated my Initial Leadership Programme 12 months ago and has been my personal leadership coach throughout the programme. Her coaching has been a successful part of my personal development as I have been able to think through objectives to tackle procrastination outside of work, time management and personal goals, achieving much success. Zoe has helped me to self-coach myself and think through targets and goals productively in my day to day life.

I’ve come away with some really deep insights about myself and the beliefs that drive aspects of my behaviour that will be of long term benefit to me.


This is due to Sue’s careful attentive listening and the insightful questions that she asked as a consequence.


Her coaching also gave my thinking a new dynamic by taking me out of my comfort zone, for example by using the coaching space to physically give me a different perspective.

Terry is great fun to work with and has an incredible aptitude for getting to the real causes of client issues using the Axiometrics™ Profile and then building solutions which are unique to the customer to drive their very specific desired results.


A true creative, inspirational and flexible, with no end of resources to ensure that clients are able to take away tools and techniques which are most relevant for their individual needs.

I have been running my own business for 35 years and thought I knew everything... until I met Wendy. She taught me some important skills about better communication and how to remove self-limiting beliefs that we are all plagued with but try to keep macho quiet.

Once these were lifted I used the skills that Wendy covered and it is now a joy to go to work and talk to my staff in terms of what motivates them rather than what I want. I can't recommend what Wendy does enough, the value is almost life-changing.

Zoé was professional, caring, and a great coach to me over the last year.


She gave me the skills to reach my potential within my career, and the ability to be able to help myself reach my goals in the future, and I am extremely grateful to her. She is enthusiastic, clearly loves her role, and is extremely knowledgable in helping her clients.


I highly recommend Zoé as a coach.

Being coached by Simon has been a fascinating experience. Simon created a safe environment and helped to find clarity about my goals and priorities. As a coach and organisational development practitioner I was concerned that I would know all ‘tricks of the game’ and therefore be ‘uncoachable’. Simon took on the challenge with confidence, patience and respect. What started as executive coaching stretched into exploration of wider aspects of life, which although initially I was confident would not be necessary, turned out to be much needed. During our coaching relationship both my self-awareness and noticing different perspectives increased. 

Joseph is without a doubt, a rare species on this earth! He is not only a people’s person, but he wholeheartedly listens with his ears before he engages his mouth.


On our first business encounter Joseph, as always gave deep thought with a solid implementation into assisting me to move my business forward. He is never judgmental, creates a clear path forward, and views the task at hand from all sides to then provide a truly amazing output.


Joseph is trustworthy, reliable and amazingly remembers every detail/stages at which you are at in your business.

Ian’s work has been fundamental in shaping both the culture and systems in our school.  


The main focus has been Ian’s support to secure a coaching culture in school.  


Leadership training, supported by regular 1-1s with the coaches has resulted in skilled, confident coaches who carefully balance the needs of the coachee with the needs of the organisation.  


Ian will ask the questions that need to be asked, say what needs to be said and challenge my thinking until we have worked through a problem. 

Navjeet has a talent for honing into the heart of an issue. She supported me during a difficult transition period of my life and helped me view my situation and feelings more objectively.


Navjeet has a wonderful way of facilitating discussions with empathy while offering razor-sharp insight. During my work with her, I learned to look at things through a different lens and develop resilience to work through what felt like insurmountable issues. I would highly recommend her any personal or professional coaching.

Simone has been providing coaching support to our charity since 2016. I am one of a number of people benefiting from her coaching at Hospice for Hope and I am really grateful. She is an active listener, using various techniques and questions in getting me to reflect and see things from a different perspective which have helped me to identify solutions, make strategic decisions and improve myself as a leader. Her approach covers both practical/operational aspects but also organizational, cultural and leadership-related. One of the many benefits of working with her is that she has helped me identify challenges before they had a chance to become real problems, allowing me to address them properly. Simone is extremely skilled, experienced and is also flexible, discreet and allows you a lot of space, encouraging you to be creative.

I worked with Sanchia during her time at Legal & General Investment Management, particularly on leadership and talent development opportunities to support and drive our culture, diversity and inclusion ambitions.


Sanchia played a lead role in engaging leadership on the design, development and implementation of programmes which included critical coaching conversations to help business leaders and executive sponsors have the confidence to drive positive change and navigate everyday challenges.  


Sanchia brought her coaching style to people leader conversations, helping our leaders explore, feel confident and equipped to lead in a supported environment.

Nana has been my executive coach for the last 18 months following promotion to a Director position at one of the world’s largest and most successful financial services companies.


During this time I’ve led an unprecedented amount of change within my business areas and managed to significantly increase employee engagement at the same time. Nana’s ability to question and challenge me in a constructive manner has been an absolutely critical part of our success over this period.


Her wise counsel and vast insight into leadership behaviour and organisational psychology spans many industries and draws upon a range of resources, allowing her to immediately tune into the most complex of situations. 

Wow, what can I say. The approach that Jackie took really helped me to not only open up but come to an understanding of how to deal with some of the areas that I needed coaching on.


The main point for me is that Jackie helped me to understand what I needed from the coaching, I was sceptical that coaching would help me to make a difference but it truly has.


I would 100% recommend Jackie, her manner, approach and overall wellbeing and understanding was a breath of fresh air.  

I have worked in a number of businesses and have turned to Dominique for help with Management and Leadership Development along with Coaching and NeuroCoaching.


Positive feedback is always received on the value she adds in her sessions, in particular her candid, open style, intuition, openness and abilities. She has also turned her hand to running sessions remotely during the Covid-19 pandemic and these sessions have been a really important part of the continuation of learning.

Julie has been a wonderful coach, helping me to develop my change management and team motivational skills.  She is an excellent listener and her ability to steer people into finding their own way is truly exceptional.  

Sue’s coaching was inspirational, challenging and supportive helping me to remove the fog from some areas when I could not see a way forward. Her probing and open questioning was very helpful in making me reflect and question my approach to situations. 

Terry was an outstanding coach and was instrumental in helping me develop my character and emotional intelligence. His guidance has been ingrained into my mind for a lifetime. Thank you, Terry!

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