Here at The Leadership Coaches, we have helped others improve and employ their skills in the real world.  But don't just take our word for it.  Read our reviews below.

Zoe has worked with our organisation for many years and is a trusted and well respected coach and facilitator. She has been instrumental is designing and delivering our management programme and coaching sessions. As a coach, I personally find her to be caring and supportively challenging in a way that helps you get to the route of the issue and form an action plan to resolve it. Very empowering! I recommend her to everyone I can.

Zoe facilitated my Initial Leadership Programme 12 months ago and has been my personal leadership coach throughout the programme. Her coaching has been a successful part of my personal development as I have been able to think through objectives to tackle procrastination outside of work, time management and personal goals, achieving much success. Zoe has helped me to self-coach myself and think through targets and goals productively in my day to day life.

Zoé was professional, caring, and a great coach to me over the last year. She gave me the skills to reach my potential within my career, and the ability to be able to help myself reach my goals in the future, and I am extremely grateful to her. She is enthusiastic, clearly loves her role, and is extremely knowledgable in helping her clients. I highly recommend Zoé as a coach.

Zoe has been working with our company for many years and I have always had a great experience on leadership courses with Zoe. I recently have had 1-1 coaching as part of a step progression into a higher role and I have found Zoe invaluable. I would say I was quite sceptical going into the sessions and what I would get out of them but Zoe has a magical way of getting to the route of the issue and making you pick at them until you gain an understanding and plan to improve. I have gained so much insight and would recommend Zoe, I am hugely thankful for the sessions I have had.

Zoe and I have had a number of sessions over the past few years, and each time, her coaching has had a hugely positive impact. She has consistently guided me to question situations more deeply, and get to the truth of the matter at hand. Once there, she carefully challenges me to examine the possibilities, until I have a way forward that feels achievable and comfortable even when it requires stepping out of my comfort zone. I'd recommend Zoe to anyone looking to accelerate their personal development and growth.

Zoe made such a big impact in the first two weeks of my graduate career that we are still in touch almost 2 years later. During this time she improved the confidence with which I self-inspect and -evaluate myself and gave me more tools to do so. One of Zoe's biggest strengths is her ability to enable you to come up with your own solutions. She is never prescriptive or offers you an easy answer to your problem on a plate but asks the right questions and empowers you to use your own reasoning to give you a conviction in your own abilities and decisions.

Zoe is a caring and understanding coach with a knack for resolving problems and giving guidance. Zoe has worked with me as a personal Coach during my first year at Atos. During this time, she has helped me to improve and resolve any personal issues that were holding me back from reaching and showing my full potential. Zoe has been a big contribution to achieving great feedback from colleagues for my yearly review at Atos, helping me to boost my confidence and progress in areas that were previously my weaker spots. It’s thanks to her that I have progressed so much in my weaker areas over the last year that I am now fully able to showcase, to my colleagues and the company, what I can do. 

Zoe has been a leadership coach on an Initial Leadership Programme that I have programme led for the past 5 years. From delivering a two week programme which challenges the delegates on different levels, to one on one coaching with individuals, the feedback received was always positive! Zoe is great at understanding the needs of a group or an individual and tailor the delivery/coaching based on this. She has always been a great addition to the delivery team and a pleasure to work with. She goes beyond what is asked of her and always has lots to offer in terms of feedback, ideas, support. Personally, I love that she can challenge people to make them think, grow, be greater and achieve what they aiming for!

Zoe has coached me from the start of 2019. She has brought value and insight to my professional and personal life. Zoe has sought to understand my development needs and provides techniques and coaching to further enhance my leadership skills. I am now learning to think through significant issues differently than before and achieve desired outcomes. Through development of my softer skills my leadership style has become more inclusive and Zoe has provided the basis for me to do this. Zoe is friendly and attentive and I would highly recommend her for individual or group coaching.

From the outset, Sue was able to offer me insightful materials that I felt compelled to share
with my own team.  However, the highest impact for me resulted from an increased level of
awareness around my current approach and style that Sue was able to create, with me, by
using feedback and skilful coaching. I felt Sue was totally dedicated to my success and
coached me through several challenges that arose during the period of our coaching. The
results were clear and long-lasting. I have gained the ability to flex my leadership style and
massively increase my resilience. The results were transformational, and it felt as though a
‘big piece of a puzzle’ had fallen into place. I have become happier and better at my job, with
feedback from my leaders and peers supporting this.

Through this coaching I tackled a number of work-life questions that had been bubbling for a
number of years. As a result, I have absolute clarity on where I want to go and how I would
like to get there, with total alignment across my stakeholder group. As a result, I feel I have
become a better all-round leader.

I’ve come away with some really deep insights about myself and the beliefs that drive aspects
of my behaviour that will be of long term benefit to me. This is due to Sue’s careful attentive
listening and the insightful questions that she asked as a consequence. Her coaching also gave
my thinking a new dynamic by taking me out of my comfort zone, for example by using the
coaching space to physically give me a different perspective.

This coaching raised my self-awareness to a different level and helped me to understand those around me much better and fine tune my behaviour to become a more effective and trusted leader. Sabine helped me to reflect my values and drivers and to deploy that positive energy for my personal and the company’s further development. Her grounded and hands on personal style made it easy for me to open up.

There have been many challenges in transferring from another culture and working in a fast-changing, complex environment. I feel very lucky to have had Sabine with me during the transition journey. She was able to help me analyse the situation, prioritise the questions, stretch my thinking and challenge my way forward. Her style of calm listening and swift questioning works very well for me. I built strong trust with Sabine who is very inspiring as well as considerate.

A testament of Sabine being a great coach is that every interaction with her has left me walking out of the room energised, upbeat and being a lot clearer on what needed to be done. Would highly recommend her!

Being coached by Nicky has been incredibly powerful and beneficial to me. Nicky is immensely intuitive and was quickly able to understand me and how best to support my unique journey. Nicky is supportive and encouraging, and cares deeply about you as a person, and is totally committed to getting you the best possible outcome from working together. She is insightful and generous in sharing her experience and tools. Nicky has enabled me to deeply connect to my purpose and passion, and then challenged and supported me to translate this into tangible outcomes, which will result in positive changes in my life and career. If you are seeking to connect to your values and build your self-understanding, and if you want to make powerful, positive and tangible changes in your life and career, then I would highly recommend working with Nicky!

Our coaching sessions encouraged me take a step back and look at sometimes very basic things about how I view the world and my place in it, and the habits I’ve built up over a lifetime, and question how those things were working for – or against – me. The result has been real change in the way I view my behaviours and my values, and the decisions I make about harnessing these to my advantage rather than constantly standing in my own way. You seem to really care about people, and it was nice to be viewed as a person who needs kindness in order to achieve personal development – and that you recognise that change is difficult.  

I completed a short series of coaching sessions with Nicky after I had been made redundant from my job of 23 years. Although I was not actively seeking a new job, I found the sessions incredibly helpful and supportive. Giving me an entirely fresh perspective on what I was looking for in my professional life and some ways in which I might think about achieving those objectives. The coaching was always a positive experience which provoked a great deal of useful thought on my part. I found myself considering a whole range of issues that I had not really acknowledged before. You have to do some work, it is not all done for you: and this, for me, was not about finding solutions, but starting to explore the right questions, and seeing where these paths might lead. I would recommend this approach to anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation. 

My coaching sessions have made me a better leader and have changed the way I manage people and situations. I am able to step back from tricky moments and see them differently, which enables me to change my response. It is incredibly powerful. Things that made me anxious or stressed before no longer bother me. Alongside excellent coaching techniques, Lisa has exceptional intuition and an ability to spot opportunities in every session.   She is kind and compassionate, strong and wise – everything you need in a coach to move you powerfully into a place of self-knowledge

Lisa's coaching is gentle but firm, and insightful.  She asks the questions that make you address issues, problems, questions, and then helps you work towards the answers or improved scenarios.  She makes you work and holds you accountable.   Her coaching was key to helping me move away from - and work through - a very bad career experience.   She made me acknowledge and 'combat' my inner saboteurs, and basically helped me to re-calibrate and rebuild.

Lisa has had a transformative effect on my professional and personal life.  Sometimes it has been uncomfortable placing a magnifying glass on parts of my life, but I have found it refreshing to have a new perspective and see my life through a new lens. Her coaching has unearthed a confidence in me which has helped me to manage life’s unexpected challenges.

My coaching with Lisa has been invaluable at a time of change in all aspects of my life. The coaching has challenged me, is thought provoking and it has given me tools to address complex situations differently from before with better outcomes. I look forward to it every time.

You come out of the sessions feeling really positive - her coaching really gives you a chance to re-root with the fabric of yourself, what makes you you, what you need for sustainable, long term contentment. The sessions challenge you; but you leave totally reinvigorated and uplifted – each session opens my mind and perspectives, inspiring new sparks – new things I’d like to achieve, routes I’d like to pursue and directions I’d like to go in.

Working with Nicky has made all the difference to me, and to my work. It's reconnected me to a sense of purpose, softened self-criticism, and revealed the many opportunities available to shape up and accelerate my business. Her coaching has got me on track – and for me that was paramount. A terrific coach, very insightful, and a great pleasure to work with.

Heather provided leadership coaching to me over a number of months, during a period of significant professional and personal change. I found it very easy to build a rapport with Heather because of her natural warmth and empathy. She provided constructive challenge and encouraged self-reflection, whilst maintaining a positive and professional environment. I always left my coaching sessions feeling energised and looking forward to the next one.

Heather's coaching is like a breath of fresh air!  Professional, practical and always insightful - she has helped me see myself more clearly in a world of ambiguity and change, and supported me in developing a range of impactful actions that work for me.  I would highly recommend her approach and I really enjoy working with Heather.

Heather coached me when I was stepping into a new and challenging role as Chief Learning Officer of an American Software House. She rapidly built a trusting and friendly relationship with me, putting me at ease yet challenging me when my thinking and beliefs didn’t support the outcomes I had set for myself. Heather is a consummate coach, with exquisite language skills and had the ability to fully support me whilst at the same time challenging me and pushing me on to achieve more than I thought possible. I am eternally grateful to her for her help, support and insights. I fully recommend Heather as a coach; take her on and you will surprise yourself at what is possible.