Terry Neild

Years of Experience: 10


Qualifications & Professional Memberships:

  • CMI Coach / Mentor Level 5

  • Total SDI Practitioner

  • MBTI Practioner

  • PRISM Practioner

  • Axiometrics Facilitator


Specialist Areas:

  • Personal performance 

  • Leadership, Management and Team Building

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Change management

  • Communication

  • Values alignment



What my clients want in ten words:

Help in perception changing and enabling their full potential



How I coach:

  • Face to Face

  • Skype/Zoom/Video Call

  • Walk and Talk Coaching


Where I coach:

  • Home

  • Office

  • Client Site

I am a dynamic and enthusiastic coach who ensures that all learning for the delegate is focused on an individual basis. I have a respectful yet challenging coaching style that looks to challenge perceptions and enable the client to look at life from a different point of view. I am passionate about enabling managers and their employees to unlock the potential within and to look at how they can create a better version of themselves or the situation they find themselves in.


Some examples of coaching SMEs;


I worked with an electronics engineering company of 12 employees based in Northamptonshire. The Managing Director asked me to look at how they develop their 4 graduate engineers aligning them to the company values. As part of this, I ran an initial program coaching and upskilling their Senior Engineers on how to coach and mentor the GEs. This included using Total SDI to help them manage their personal motivations and conflict triggers. We also looked at having difficult conversations, giving constructive feedback and creating an effective team that is accountable for actions.


I then ran a similar coaching programme with the four graduate engineers. I concentrated on being assertive, receiving feedback, and becoming an effective team member that is aligned to the company values. Accountability and assertiveness were key aspects especially as they were hiding behind the “I’m only a graduate“ label. 


The results are that the SE’s are developing and communicating intent with clarity and the GE’s are stepping forward, being innovative and accountable for completion of tasks. All parties are living the values with great results.

I didn't know what to expect from coaching, but I knew I needed some kind of guidance. Sue helped me to transition from a hands-on Manager to a Senior Executive by assessing my personality with a proven methodology - Birkman Assessment. She supported me in finding my own answers to different challenges I was facing, building my professional confidence, widening my perspective and teaching me how to create positive ripple effects. Having coaching sessions with Sue was a turning point in my career; I highly recommend her.

Terry was an outstanding coach and was instrumental in helping me develop my character and emotional intelligence. His guidance has been ingrained into my mind for a lifetime. Thank you, Terry!

Terry was my first encounter of a coach in the corporate world, and although this is the case, I doubt I will come across anyone who cares about coaching to such an impressive level. His ability to develop rapport in such short amounts of time allows his guidance to not only be accepted, but to be respected. The lessons he taught me will have a lasting effect on me throughout my career, particularly the different ways of dealing with the array of people I will come across in my life. Terry has provided me with guidance to move forward in my new endeavour at Atos, and I will stay in touch with him throughout my career as his talent is first class. Thanks Terry!

Terry is great fun to work with and has an incredible aptitude for getting to the real causes of client issues using the Axiometrics™ Profile and then building solutions which are unique to the customer to drive their very specific desired results. A true creative, inspirational and flexible, with no end of resources to ensure that clients are able to take away tools and techniques which are most relevant for their individual needs.

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