Systemic Leadership Team Coaching – “Help We’re Not A Team!”

A Senior Leadership Team felt like they were operating individually and described themselves as ‘not a team. Our leadership coach, Terry, took the team through the inquiry stage. At that point, they identified that they wanted to be a team. Still, things were getting in the way, such as siloed approaches to working, opportunities for empowerment being missed, and cross-team working not being facilitated by the leaders.    


After the initial inquiry stage, Terry led each team coaching workshop based on the needs and objectives of the team, providing opportunities for growth, challenge, and development. Progress was constantly monitored to ensure advancements were being made. Key performance indicators started to show cross-team working, leaders who felt empowered to take on extra responsibility, and a strong sense of belonging together as a team.


As we near the final stages of this team coaching, the leader recognises that the team has made exceptional progress in a short amount of time and is confident that the programme has already delivered beyond what they expected. 


To quote the leader, “I’m your biggest sceptic of programmes like this, yet I have been convinced of its value; thank you!”.