Sue Gammons

Years of Experience: 10+


Qualifications & Professional Memberships:

  • EMCC Accredited Executive Coach at Senior Practitioner level 

  • APECS Accredited Master Executive Coach 

  • Diploma in Gestalt Psychotherapeutic Counselling 

  • MSc in Organisational Development: A Gestalt Approach 

  • Certificate in Systemic Team Coaching


Specialist Areas:

  • Leadership development – authentic leadership style, leadership capability and impact

  • Career coaching – career development and transitions

  • Diverse talent development, including women in leadership

  • Navigating change – role transitions, organisational change

  • Coaching leaders from different cultural backgrounds 



What my clients want in ten words:

Support, challenge, relational space to explore and expand leadership capability.



How I coach:

  • Face to Face

  • Skype/Zoom/Video Call

  • Walk and Talk Coaching

  • Telephone


Where I coach:

  • Buckinghamshire, Greater London, Rest of UK and Global

Sue has been coaching business leaders and teams for 10+ years and brings over 20 years’ experience in leadership to her practice, having had a successful and varied career in the pharmaceutical industry. She excels in working with people who are committed to their own development, helping them to shift mindsets, unlock their potential and enhance their leadership capability. 


She accompanies her clients on a journey of self-discovery and enjoys helping people uncover their natural strengths and authentic leadership style from where they can find purpose and fulfilment in leadership. She helps leaders explore who they are as leaders, what might be holding them back and supports them as they make personal shifts to take their leadership to the next level. 


Having previously led global teams and transformation projects, she appreciates the challenges leaders face when working in global, complex, fast-paced organisations where change is a constant and personal resilience is essential. She enjoys working with people from different countries and backgrounds and brings cross-cultural awareness to her coaching practice. 


Prior to being an independent Executive Coach, Consultant and Facilitator, Sue was Coaching Director in the pharmaceutical company GSK where she coached leaders and teams in many different countries and led the design and delivery of global coaching programmes. Her accomplishments include leading award-winning leadership development programmes to accelerate the career progression of women and ethnically diverse talent, training of internal coaches and other initiatives to embed a coaching culture across the organisation. 


Systemic thinking and a relational approach are at the heart of her work, informed by training and practice in Gestalt psychotherapy, team coaching and organisational development. Whilst she no longer practices as a psychotherapist, she’s accomplished at going to psychological depth when clients want to explore life themes and behavioural patterns that hold them back.

From the outset, Sue was able to offer me insightful materials that I felt compelled to share with my own team.  However, the highest impact for me resulted from an increased level of awareness around my current approach and style that Sue was able to create, with me, by using feedback and skilful coaching. I felt Sue was totally dedicated to my success and coached me through several challenges that arose during the period of our coaching. The results were clear and long-lasting. I have gained the ability to flex my leadership style and massively increase my resilience. The results were transformational, and it felt as though a ‘big piece of a puzzle’ had fallen into place. I have become happier and better at my job, with feedback from my leaders and peers supporting this.

Through this coaching I tackled a number of work-life questions that had been bubbling for a number of years. As a result, I have absolute clarity on where I want to go and how I would like to get there, with total alignment across my stakeholder group. As a result, I feel I have become a better all-round leader.

I’ve come away with some really deep insights about myself and the beliefs that drive aspects of my behaviour that will be of long term benefit to me. This is due to Sue’s careful attentive listening and the insightful questions that she asked as a consequence. Her coaching also gave my thinking a new dynamic by taking me out of my comfort zone, for example by using the coaching space to physically give me a different perspective.