What Does Leadership Coaching Include?

With an increasing number of people asking “what does leadership coaching include?”, here at The Leadership Coaches, we wanted to share a short blog post with you to offer you a greater understanding of leadership coaching and what it includes.

We currently offer four different types of leadership coaching services;

Below, you can find out what each type of our coaching services includes.

What Does One-to-one Leadership Coaching Include?

One-to-one Leadership Coaching is a proven method of coaching for assisting the development of individuals and releasing their full potential. Those that seek one-to-one leadership coaching often feel that they have lost sight of their goals, maybe struggling to fulfill their role or could be facing unprecedented leadership challenges. As a result, coaching encourages them to pause and assess their current situation and uncover what they could do to improve, change, or even better themselves or a situation.

Our one-to-one leadership coaching includes establishing stakeholders and expectations, a series of coaching sessions, a midpoint review to determine the next steps, further coaching sessions, and a final review to celebrate success and consider the lessons that have been learned along the way.

What Does Corporate Leadership Coaching Include?

Corporate Leadership Coaching includes providing a safe space for individuals to identify areas that they believe they need to improve in order to unlock their full potential. By providing a space in which employees can talk freely about their concerns, development, and goals, corporate coaching can help put knowledge, skills, and behaviors into practice, while transforming tangible plans and dreams into actions. 

For example, if a manager is struggling with the performance of a team member, coaching can help to get the member back on track, by improving the management skills of the manager. Not only does this strengthen relationships in the workplace, but it develops the skills of both managers and employees.

What Does Team Leadership Coaching Include?

At The Leadership Coaches, our Team Leadership Coaching includes working with your team to gain an understanding of the current team climate, we identify if team coaching is a suitable option for development and if so, we conduct a series of team coaching sessions and reviews to determine just how beneficial team coaching has been for your organisation.  

Team coaching has numerous benefits and has helped reduce conflict in the workplace, improved working relationships, and has seen a greater number of employees satisfied with their role and company. Whether you are looking to strengthen, develop, or unite your people, team coaching is an ideal solution.  

What Does Bespoke Leadership Coaching Include?

We want the best for you and your organisation, which is why we have developed our bespoke leadership coaching. Tailored to meet the exact needs of you and your employees, bespoke coaching includes services such as walk-and-talk coaching. This bespoke approach encourages employees to walk outdoors while talking to the leadership coach and has been cited as effective by previous and current participants.  

We hope this blog post has provided you with the information that you may have been searching for or had hoped to uncover. If you would like to find out more, why not contact us to discuss what leadership coaching could include for your employees. You could even arrange a free of charge virtual coaching chemistry session with one or two of our coaches.

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