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Shining The Spotlight On Leadership Coach Sukhy

Every month, we shine the spotlight on one of our credible leadership coaches. This month, we welcome you to find out more about leadership coach Sukhy.

Passionate about people performance and the many aspects of leadership, including self-leadership and leading others to create a culture of authenticity, empowerment, fulfilment, inspiration and integrity, Sukhy works with professionals in organisations to expand leadership, performance, and coaching skills that develop a broader behavioural and emotional range for them to achieve stretching goals and lead teams to optimal performance.

An enthusiastic and experienced leadership coach, facilitator, and consultant, Sukhy specialises in the leadership of self and others, emotional Intelligence, mind management, coaching skills, and mentoring coaches. Over the last 20 years of being a coach/facilitator, she has valuable knowledge and experience of working with blue chip companies, public sector organisations, and charities in the UK and internationally.

To find out more about who Sukhy is as a coach, her approach to coaching, and what attracted her to the work of The Leadership Coaches here.

Who Are You as a Leadership Coach?

Many years ago, I came across a quote that would force me to step into my own leadership in a bigger way, this quote helped me wash away what was not working and step into becoming an even stronger role model than I may have been before.

Executive coach Sukhy at The Leadership Coaches

"Be the change that you wish to see in the world." - Mahatma Gandhi.

Thank you, Mahatma Gandhi, for this quote. It became a mantra for the choices I made and what I wanted to create in my environment.

I care deeply about our human experience and am sensitive to each person’s individual journeys of who and where they are and what they want to create in the world, even though they may not know it yet.

I believe every day presents us with many opportunities to express our unique gifts and talents and areas to learn and grow. Every day presents us with opportunities to wash away what is not working and step into our own leadership in a way that expands our capacity to be even greater role models and inspirational leaders.

What Is Your Approach to Coaching?

My multi-dimensional approach varies depending on the client but ultimately includes a leadership element, be it leading self or leading others. This includes understanding how to take charge of our brains, behaviours and emotions in a compassionate and neutral way to create the impact we want.

I believe it is important to give the three intelligences of head, heart and intuition a voice to create alignment, authenticity, results and inspirational leadership.

What’s Your Superpower, and What Are You Known For?

I am known for holding a space for compassion, courage, honesty, and creativity to emerge.

And also for aligning the everyday ‘busyness’ to the priorities and values that really matter.

What Do You Like About Working With The Leadership Coaches?

It is great to be part of a culture that is ethical, supportive, and transparent, where each person is respected and valued for who they are and the strengths and aspirations they bring.

I have always felt supported and informed of what is happening and where we are going, and what we stand for as an organisation. Ongoing personal development is valued and is a strong part of the culture, with numerous opportunities available to learn and grow.

How Do You Bring Your Expertise to What You Do With The Leadership Coaches?

I bring my energy and enthusiasm to create positive change by utilising:

Life experience

Growing up and learning to thrive in two what sometimes seemed very opposing cultures.

Managing the dynamic of motherhood, family and career.

Advocate for women in sports, building programmes for women to excel.


As well as the many coaching accreditations, my ongoing desire to understand our human experience and our brains led me to take a BSc in Psychology as a mature student, graduating in 2003.

Business experience

I am familiar with the business setting and the challenges they face having worked in and with large organisations for over 40 years across numerous sectors.

Coaching experience

I have been an accredited coach since 2003, and I have over 1500 hours of coaching various levels of management across the world. In addition, I've facilitated and mentored 1000 managers and new coaches to build coaching skills.


I've designed and delivered numerous leadership programmes, including programmes for talent pool, international leaders, and women from minority backgrounds.

To find out more about Sukhy, visit her coach profile here. Alternatively, contact us today to arrange a complimentary chemistry session with her.


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