Herbig - Wiederwohl Leadership Model

This model is from the book Frequency Matters: Be a contributor, not an employee! by Kristen Mackey and and Shawn Herbig.

They discuss the importance of creating an organisation where people can thrive and the environment and leadership are such that people want to be contributors not employees.

It starts with working from the core values of honesty, transparency and forthrightness. From here people start to gain trust in the way in which the leaders operate, one of the first steps in creating a psychologically safe environment for talent to thrive.

Next, they talk about leaders needing to have a sense of humour, tough times are going to happen and facing these with a sense of fun and learning is going to create a learning culture and further impress the psychological safety required for people to thrive. They also share that empathy, being connected to others on a human to human level is a key leadership behaviour.

The next point they make is that of a leader's job, which is to mentor and nurture the talent. Consider the people in the team as capable and your role as a leader is to tap into that potential, unleash it and grow the same with other leaders. One might connect this with a coaching culture.

Building on this the leader connects people with purpose, what is the purpose that cements the people to the organisation, when this is right it feels genuine and authentic.

Loving your employees like they are your family, take a moment to let that sink in. Why is this important? Well according to a great case study in the book, Charles Price, if you love your colleagues as if they are your family, you may find it easier have humour, be empathetic, show honesty, etc. All of which mean that you have your employees backs and they have yours.

We loved exploring this model, it's a new one to us and certainly has some excellent points about employee engagement and leadership.

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