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5 Top Tips For Leading In The Hybrid Workplace

As organisations across the world begin to contemplate what the future looks like for their people, many leaders have expressed that they will continue to let their people work remotely. However, others are somewhat apprehensive when considering how they will lead if their workplace remains hybrid.

Here at The Leadership Coaches, we have published many blogs surrounding leading in the hybrid workplace. For example, Sue G recently explored and discussed systemic team coaching for hybrid teams.

We have also recently hosted our fourth workshop titled "Building Trust in Hybrid Teams" to share how leaders can continue to build trust within their teams as the workplace remains hybrid.

Having provided a wealth of information surrounding hybrid teams, we are now sharing our 5 top tips for leading in the hybrid workplace with you.

Our 5 Top Tips For Leading In The Hybrid Workplace

Below, we have shared our top 5 top tips for leading in the hybrid workplace with you.


There is much more that goes unsaid or unseen, so being clear and explicit with those onsite and those working virtually is essential. Use methaphor, analogies, pictures, videos and story-telling to make communication clear and easy to understand.

Set Expectations

Set expectations, and be prepared to chance them. Setting expectations will be a collaborative activity between you and your colleagues, include:

  1. How do we want to operate as a hybrid team?

  2. What are our expectations of each other?

  3. When and how we will review honestly what does and doesn’t work for us as a team?

Lead by Example

If you’re in the office, ensure you include those virtual e.g. use tech to update those who missed the ad-hoc coffee chat about a new prototype idea, if in a meeting whilst in the office, choose a separate space and when it comes to virtual breakout rooms put yourself in a group with a colleague who is working from home.

Measure What Matters - People And The Bottom Line

  1. People – employee engagement is paramount, as is mental health and wellbeing

  2. Bottom line – whether it’s sales figures, customer satisfaction or number of widgets produced per week, metrics that indicate the direction of the purpose of your business is vital

Be Present

Avoid the temptation to keep the ‘virtual door open’, instead ‘open the door and pop your head in’.

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Having reviewed our 5 top tips for leading in the hybrid workplace, if you would like to discuss your needs with us and uncover how leadership coaching could assist you, why not contact us directly?

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