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Renowned for her experience working with partners, directors, vice presidents, leaders and senior managers spanning various industries, Nicky coaches’ leaders who have been identified as future leaders, are transitioning in their career, or are looking to connect to their sense of authenticity, purpose, and power.


Adept at creating a supportive and encouraging environment, Nicky works quickly and collaboratively with clients, including neurosurgeons, leaders, and those in politics, to ensure that they can establish their goals and criteria for success, unlock their potential, lead authentically and be their best selves.


Empowering leaders in understanding who they are at their best, Nicky’s coaching style helps people gain self-awareness and connects them to their purpose and passion.  This results in greater self-confidence to chase opportunities, deepened impact, and transformed lives, careers, and businesses.


Drawing on her energy and wisdom to create courageous and transformational leaders, Nicky incorporates creativity, professionalism, intuition, and warmth into her coaching.


Confident in using a wide variety of coaching frameworks and skills, Nicky has played a vital role in the start-up, transformation and expansion of diverse organisations and spaces.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Authenticity in Leadership

  • High Potentials

  • Career coaching

  • Transition

  • Motivation

  • Personal Impact

  • Gaining confidence

  • Connecting to authenticity and purpose

  • Young talent

Qualifications &
Professional Memberships:

  • Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coaches Federation (ICF)

  • Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with the International Coaches Federation (ICF)

Working with Nicky has made all the difference to me, and to my work. It's reconnected me to a sense of purpose, softened self-criticism, and revealed the many opportunities available to shape up and accelerate my business. Her coaching has got me on track – and for me that was paramount. A terrific coach, very insightful, and a great pleasure to work with.

Being coached by Nicky has been incredibly powerful and beneficial to me. Nicky is immensely intuitive and was quickly able to understand me and how best to support my unique journey. Nicky is supportive and encouraging, and cares deeply about you as a person, and is totally committed to getting you the best possible outcome from working together. She is insightful and generous in sharing her experience and tools.

Nicky has enabled me to deeply connect to my purpose and passion, and then challenged and supported me to translate this into tangible outcomes, which will result in positive changes in my life and career.

I completed a short series of coaching sessions with Nicky after I had been made redundant from my job of 23 years. Although I was not actively seeking a new job, I found the sessions incredibly helpful and supportive.

Giving me an entirely fresh perspective on what I was looking for in my professional life and some ways in which I might think about achieving those objectives. The coaching was always a positive experience which provoked a great deal of useful thought on my part. I found myself considering a whole range of issues that I had not really acknowledged before.