Mentoring Programmes

Mentoring programmes can be hugely impactful when designed and deployed with finesse. That’s where we can help, we will help you work through these four key stages of developing a successful mentoring programme.

1. What does great look like?

We’ll establish the objectives for the programme, gaining the buy in from those who will participate in the programme.

2. We’ll establish gaps and consider succession planning and propose a bespoke solution for you.

We’ll identify if reverse mentoring will add value in your organisation and make suggestions for how to run a cost-effective, high-impact programme.

3. We'll design a programme that addresses the organisational context and considers the participants key objectives.

We’ll make it smooth and consider the appropriate level of processes to ensure ownership, accountability and measures without being overly bureaucratic, to maximise outcomes.

4. We'll help you train mentors, guide mentees, and provide support.

To ensure the programme is moving in the right direction, we'll complete interim reviews on progress and outcomes compared to stage one. We will guide you on tweaks and changes to continually improve your programme and track success so that can be applied to future cohorts.