Leadership and Management Programmes

At The Leadership Coaches, we are seen as credible leadership and management development partners. Clients continue to choose us for outstanding leadership coaching, and demand for our services grows week by week. 


Based on market research and client feedback, at The Leadership Coaches, we have extended our services to offer bespoke leadership and management programmes.  


What Are Leadership and Management Programmes? 

Bespoke leadership and management programmes are created for a specific company or organisation. They are designed to meet the needs, goals, values, and culture of an organisation, as well as the specific needs of the individuals. They focus on the practical implementation of knowledge, skills, and behaviours. 


These programmes are designed to develop leaders and managers in areas that matter to your organisation and contribute to the delivery of your organisational objectives. 


Why Employ Leadership and Management Programmes? 

At The Leadership Coaches, we are passionate about the development of leaders and managers within an organisation. Our leadership and management programmes support businesses in cultivating talent from within and better prepare employees for future managerial roles.  


When implemented effectively, leadership development programmes can provide employees with the skills and tools to lead teams, manage change, and make strategic decisions. Furthermore, leadership and management programmes increase employee engagement and improve organisational performance. This increases motivation and significantly impacts return on investment for the organisation. 


What Can I Expect From a Leadership and Management Programme? 

When taking advantage of our bespoke leadership and management programmes, you can expect a professional yet friendly partnership that excels at genuinely understanding your organisation.  


You can also expect a partnership whereby a dedicated leadership coach brings a wealth of knowledge, skills, and experience to consult, analyse, facilitate, design, deliver and evaluate bespoke solutions. 


Our bespoke leadership and management programmes will accelerate your leadership, management, and talent capability to help you deliver the results that matter. 


Our Approach 

Leadership and management programmes can be thought of as unique training or coaching days that combine to create a programme. Each training or coaching day is essentially a ‘module’ that focuses on specific topics, issues, or requirements that enable the team to work towards and achieve a ‘final’ goal. 


Before designing a programme, we first learn more about the organisation to help you identify your needs. We review many aspects, including the following: 


  • Data – this could include feedback from staff surveys, previous course feedback, and trends from focus groups. 

  • Gaps – this could include what the organisation needs from the managers and where gaps in knowledge, skills, and behaviours may be. 

  • Time and budget – we also review how much time and budget are available to ensure we can design a suitable leadership and management programme. 


As and when we understand the overall needs of the business, we can design a programme and start to implement it. We often implement one-to-one coaching interspersed between modular workshops, the reason for this is that each person has the opportunity to address their own unique objectives and challenges in implementing the learning from the leadership or management development programme. 


Throughout the leadership and management programme, we constantly review feedback from all involved parties to ensure it has the desired effect. Along the way, we can make any changes necessary to facilitate the ever-changing business climate. 

Leadership and Management Programmes

Frequently Asked Questions 

We have answered several frequently asked questions surrounding our leadership and management programmes below. 


How Long Are Leadership and Management Programmes? 

The length of our programmes entirely depends on a number of aspects; expected outcomes, availability of participants, budget, etc. Usually, coaching sessions and training days will occur every few weeks, although this can differ, as we design completely bespoke to your needs. 


If you’d like to find out more about how long a leadership and management programme may be required based on your organisation’s needs, please contact us directly. 

Do You Use Any Tools Within Leadership and Management Programmes? 

Yes, we do. Our coaches are all highly skilled in utilising tools that may be required based on the needs of the people or organisation.  


We have over 40 different Psychometric tools that we can build into your programme; these are led by the needs of the organisation.  

For example, we built a programme with the CoreStrengths® Strengths Deployment Inventory tool, which enables a deep understanding of motives driving individual behaviour. This tool was most useful because it allowed managers to develop their emotional intelligence, which in turn helped them learn how to engage on a deep level with colleagues, tapping into how to motivate, inspire and engage them, building stronger relationships, and developing trust. 


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