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Executive coaching services at The Leadership Coaches

Our Leadership Coaching Services

At The Leadership Coaches, our purpose is to help organisations create an environment where their leaders can thrive and inspire their teams to deliver outstanding results for all stakeholders. To do this, we provide a wide range of services including executive coaching, leadership development programmes, talent and graduate coaching, mentoring programmes, and team coaching.


Backed by a team of credible leadership coaches who have first hand experience working across a wide range of industries, our services are bespoke to your needs. Whether you're looking for executive coaching for yourself or are hoping to take advantage of a leadership development programme to enhance the effectiveness and skills of your organisation, we're certain that we can support you. 

To find out more about our leadership coaching services, click on each of the images below. Alternatively, you can review some frequently asked questions or chat with us today to discuss your coaching and leadership development needs in greater detail. We also welcome you to arrange a no-obligation consultation with Zoé Lewis or coaching chemistry sessions with a few of our coaches today.

Executive Coaching at The Leadership Coaches

Executive Coaching

One-to-one coaching, or executive coaching as it is otherwise known, is a process in which a professional coach works with an individual to help them achieve their professional goals.

Team Coaching at The Leadership Coaches

Team Coaching

The challenges faced by teams constantly change as organisations evolve. However, team coaching adds value by fast-tracking teams  at a much quicker pace. 

Executive coaching and mentoring programmes

Mentoring Programmes

When implemented successfully, mentoring programmes can help employees learn new skills, excel in their careers, and feel more engaged with their work and role. 

Executive coaching for talent and graduates

Talent and Graduate Coaching

Talent and graduate leadership programmes are bespoke programmes that enable organisations to identify, nurture, and develop the next generation of leaders.

Executive leadership development programmes

Leadership Development Programmes

Our leadership development programmes support businesses in cultivating talent from within and better prepare employees for future managerial roles.  

Bespoke executive coaching solutions at The Leadership Coaches

Bespoke Coaching Solutions

At The Leadership Coaches, many of our coaches have experience in providing bespoke coaching and can accommodate your needs, irrespective of what they may be.  

Frequently Asked Questions 

Below, we share a few of our most frequently asked questions surrounding our services.


How Do I Know Which Service Is For Me?

If you're unsure of which of our services are right for you, your people, or your organisation, we welcome you to arrange a no-obligation chat with a member of our team. In doing so, you can share what is currently going well in the organisation, areas for improvement, and more. They'll ask a range of questions before proposing a suitable solution. 


What's The Difference Between Executive Coaching and Leadership Development Programmes?

Our executive coaching is a one-to-one coaching opportunity for individuals who require support in developing their leadership skills. Executive coaching can help those who take advantage of it learn how to excel in the role, make better decisions, and improve their communication skills. Meanwhile leadership development programmes and other similar programmes are delivered to teams with one-to-one coaching implemented at certain points. 


How Do You Know If The Service I Choose Is Working For Me Or My Team?

At The Leadership Coaches, we host mid and end-point reviews during all of our leadership coaching services. For example, during executive coaching, we conduct a mid-point review following the first half of the coaching sessions. This enables all parties to ascertain the effectiveness of the sessions and demonstrates whether the coaching intervention is on track. Upon completing the mid-point review, additional coaching sessions focus on developing the objective(s) and addressing any new areas identified in the mid-point review. 


When the series of coaching sessions come to an end, a final review is held to consider the lessons learned and celebrate the coachee's success. 

Likewise, during a leadership development programme, we constantly review feedback from all involved parties to ensure it has the desired effect. Along the way, we can make any changes necessary to facilitate the ever-changing business climate. 


What Are Coaching Chemistry Sessions?

A try before you buy-service with no obligation to purchase; our coaching chemistry sessions are designed to establish if the chemistry is right for a coaching relationship. 


Before jumping into a coaching relationship, these sessions enable potential clients to meet with our coaches and establish how they can support them. Chemistry sessions also allow the coach to understand the client's needs, determine the desired outcomes, and set mutual expectations. 


It is worth noting that coaching chemistry sessions are not coaching sessions. Instead, they are informal discussions that help the coachee and coach get to know one another and determine if the relationship would be a recipe for success. 

Can I Review Any Feedback or Testimonials?

Absolutely - you can review some of our case studies that share how we have supported others in improving and employing their leadership skills in the real world.

You can also read many of our coaches testimonials via their team profile pages.

Download our services brochure to learn more about our processes and how we can support you and your people here.

If you would like to learn more about one-to-one leadership coaching, please contact us today via the button below. In doing so, you can arrange a no-obligation consultation with Zoé Lewis. Alternatively, chat online with us today and we'll be in touch as soon as possible.

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