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Leadership Coaching For Diversity

A board director received feedback to say that they were not perceived as a credible role model for diversity in their organisation. They approached The Leadership Coaches, and after a successful chemistry session, the coach and director began to work together. 


The objective: to help the leader gain insight and awareness of gaps in their knowledge and behaviour around diversity and demonstrate an authentic change from learning to others. 


The coach engaged a variety of stakeholders to provide feedback about the leader’s diversity strengths and challenges. 

Before Leadership Coaching

The coach engaged a variety of stakeholders to provide feedback about the leader’s diversity strengths and challenges. 


During 12 months of one-to-one leadership coaching, the coach provided feedback and worked with the leader’s and the organisation’s objectives to bring about the changes required. 


Some examples of activities that the leader completed include:


  • Walking in another person’s shoes.

  • Spending time in the ‘uncomfortable zones’.

  • Sharing their journey openly and honestly with their peers and direct reports.

  • Learning by mistake and being vulnerable enough to share the learnings.

Executive leadership coaching to support diversity in the workplace

Afterwards, the stakeholders provided further feedback. This feedback was one of the measures used to evaluate the success of the coaching. There was an overwhelming shift in views from the original feedback and genuine care about diversity and inclusion, but a lack of knowledge, a willingness to take ownership for their own learning and growth, sharing stories and elevating others, living, and breathing the insights gained from introspection and outrospection.

I can’t thank you enough, you asked the right questions, you challenged me, you gave me a safe space to be completely honest, and I am a better person for this experience, not to mention the impact it’s had within the business.

Your One Stop Coaching Panel Provider

At The Leadership Coaches, we provided coaching to this client as a ‘one-stop panel provider’ where they can select from twenty executive coaches all under one roof. We do all the due diligence for them, and we also do the coach matching service if required.  


Our coaching matching services see the coachee and our CEO, Zoé Lewis, having a conversation to establish their expectations of coaching and what’s important to them when working with a coach. Zoé then looks across the team and matches them with one or two coaches whom they review on the website and then have chemistry calls with those they resonate with.  


All of this is completely free of charge – clients only start to pay once they’ve selected their coach and started working with them. 

At The Leadership Coaches, our team of credible coaches are on hand to support you and your people. At the core of our practice is leadership coaching. This involves helping individuals identify areas in which they need improvement and giving them tools to make sure they reach their goals. Using a variety of techniques — including psychological principles, behavioural insights and relevant research — our coaches support clients in facilitating change in behaviour patterns. This allows individuals and organisations to move forward in the direction they desire.  


Regardless of your current personal or organisational needs, you can benefit from our commitment to applying the latest research in our practice. Each coach works with clients personally, creating specific plans tailored to their individual needs. 


Find out more about our services here. Or fill out the below form to arrange a coaching chemistry session or a no-obligation chat to discuss your requirements. 

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