A qualified and accredited leadership coach, Ian draws on his own experience in senior leadership roles (equivalent to COO) to provide effective coaching solutions to senior leaders in educational leadership.


Facilitating leadership training through programmes and one-off sessions, Ian equips his clients with a series of coaching sessions to embed learning.


Adopting a solution-focused approach, Ian uses a blend of models with a focus on the FACTS model of challenging coaching.   Providing high levels of challenge and support, the FACTS model is exceptionally beneficial and involves providing feedback, holding people to account, setting courageous goals, allowing tension in the coaching relationship, and holding system thinking, which is central to the relationship and context of the coachee.


Passionate about the growth and development of leaders, contracting and building rapport are additional fundamental aspects of Ian’s coaching practice.


Sharing our values of passion, integrity, exceptional service and social responsibility, Ian has been awarded an Individual Team Coaching Accreditation and a Core Strengths facilitator.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Leadership coaching

  • Performance Coaching

  • Career Coaching

  • Managing Change

  • Building Teams

  • Assertiveness and Conflict, having difficult conversations

  • Developing a coaching leadership style and culture

  • Establishing purpose, values and actions for culture and climate

  • HR processes and policy, including investigations, and hearings

Qualifications &
Professional Memberships:

  • Diploma in Personal Performance Coaching with the Coaching Academy

  • NPQH (National Professional Qualification for Headship)

  • PGCE (Post Graduate Certificate in Education)

  • BEng 2(i)Hons Civil and Structural Engineering

  • Accredited as a Senior Practitioner with the EMCC 

  • Core Strengths Facilitator

  • Accredited as an EMCC Accredited Team Coach

  • Core Strengths SDI (Relationship Intelligence)

We as a company are currently in a stage of rapid growth and with this comes challenges and change.  Some of our leaders have to adapt to new roles, with new clients, staff and expectations across the company within very short timescales.   Ian has been instrumental in bringing about change with our leaders and equipping them for new leadership challenges.  He has credibility and capability as a coach, and leaders report that he is able to provide a high level of direct challenge in a safe and secure context.  From our perspective, the change in our leaders has been significant.

Ian White has been a leadership coach supporting participants on our leadership development programmes for four years, over this time he has supported over 64 Middle and Senior leaders within Secondary Schools and Multi-Academy Trusts. These participants are often dealing with large scale change, for example, implementation of the new Ofsted frameworks and the effect on curriculum, schools and ways of working, schools being taken over by Multi-Academy Trusts and restructures within departments. Last year 100% of Ian’s coachees said that working with him had enabled them to connect my values and my behaviour in my work at school and enabled them to build confidence and capacity to face challenges and recover from setbacks

Ian’s work has been fundamental in shaping both the culture and systems in our school.   The main focus has been Ian’s support to secure a coaching culture in school.  Leadership training, supported by regular 1-1s with the coaches has resulted in skilled, confident coaches who carefully balance the needs of the coachee with the needs of the organisation.  Ian will ask the questions that need to be asked, say what needs to be said and challenge my thinking until we have worked through a problem.