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A High Performer With Leadership Potential

At The Leadership Coaches, Nicky has been working with an individual identified as a high performer with leadership potential. Keen to transform their skills, the client came to us looking for support in preparing for leadership and managing a team. Working with Nicky over five months, the client’s journey has been transformational. Below, we share how the client felt before, during, and after one-to-one team coaching. 

Before Leadership Coaching

I’ve been identified as a high performer with leadership potential. I’m keen to be a leader in the future and I’m looking for some support in preparing for leadership and managing a team. 


As part of this journey, I’m also keen to explore ways that I can apply self-preservation to prevent burnout and maintain a good work-life balance. I want less imposter syndrome and more confidence in my own ability. 

Mid-Point Coaching Review

I recognise my saboteurs and how they manifest at work. I understand what good leadership looks like, and I feel more confident. My ability to view situations with a ‘leadership lens’ has changed, I’m doing this a lot now, and I wasn’t before. I think about the language I use, not softening or apologising for who I am. 

I am stepping up within the team and exhibiting those good leadership qualities. I’m also becoming more aware of when I might be taking on extra workload or pushing myself to the limit, and I’m putting in place boundaries; I still need to work on this. 

Executive coaching to support a high performer with leadership potential

End-Point Leadership Coaching Review

I’m seeing myself as a leader, and I’ve noticed a change in my confidence when it comes to thinking about my next role. I wouldn’t have gotten to this point without the coaching – there was a real light bulb moment for me when it came to thinking about how I am a leader and show strong leadership in other areas of my life, and I can translate that across to work/ comms. It reframed the way I think about leadership because I realised that I’m already acting like a leader, and I can dial it up at work to embody that.  


I’m also embracing everything that makes me, me as a leader – dialling up my values and the things that are important to me. I’ve been able to spot the great leadership I have around me and pick out the things I want to emulate. 


I know I will be ready to take on my next role at the end of the year, and the things I’ve explored during my coaching sessions have helped me to get there. I can see the value I bring, and I question myself a lot less now. I know it’s a journey, and I’ll constantly be learning, so I’m not expecting the be the perfect leader/ people manager from the get-go. I want to keep evolving and learning from my experiences. 

Nicky and I got on and I felt like Nicky understood my perspective. There was the right amount of challenge and Nicky definitely got me to think differently by asking questions and getting me to reframe things. I felt valued and listened to during the sessions. I also think the coaching sessions gave me some dedicated time to think about myself – I don’t do this a lot and I can see the value in doing it. 

Your One Stop Coaching Panel Provider

At The Leadership Coaches, we provided coaching to this client as a ‘one-stop panel provider’ where they can select from twenty executive coaches all under one roof. We do all the due diligence for them, and we also do the coach matching service if required.  


Our coaching matching services see the coachee and our CEO, Zoé Lewis, having a conversation to establish their expectations of coaching and what’s important to them when working with a coach. Zoé then looks across the team and matches them with one or two coaches whom they review on the website and then have chemistry calls with those they resonate with.  


All of this is completely free of charge – clients only start to pay once they’ve selected their coach and started working with them. 

Whether you’re hoping to secure one-to-one coaching to help prepare you for a new role or a talent and graduate programme that’ll enable your organisation to identify, nurture, and develop the next generation of leaders, contact us today. 


At The Leadership Coaches, we provide individual and team coaching services to directors, senior executives and managers, enabling them to reach their potential and achieve their objectives. 


Dedicated to providing support and guidance aimed at helping individuals and teams reach their potential through quality leadership coaching practices, our team of credible coaches is here to support you and your people regardless of where you or they currently are in the leadership journey.  

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