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The Leadership Coaches are a group of amazing people who do amazing things, our values and ethics are at the heart of our business. Here we share a few highlights of the activities and actions our coaches take to give back to society and improve sustainability for our world.

Charity of the Year


The Leadership Coaches support a Charity of the Year with financial donations and complimentary leadership coaching. 


2019 Charity of the Year - Sleeppod


The Sleeppod team are an amazing group of people who care passionately about the homeless and are helping one pod at a time.  A life-saving shelter, sleep pods are built to protect rough sleepers in the UK and refugees in Europe to keep people warm, dry and safe. 


2020 Charity of the Year - Addaction


The Leadership Coaches charity of the year 2020 is Addaction.  One of the UK's leading drug, alcohol and mental health charities, Addaction works tirelessly to support those with drug, alcohol or mental health worries in order to ensure they are able to make positive and lasting changes in their lives. 


"With the right support, anyone can recover."


Launched in 1967 by Mollie Craven, Addaction has now been supporting those in need for 52 years. Delivering their services across England and Scotland, Addaction works with adults and young adults in community settings, prisons and rehabilitation.  


If you'd like to find out more about Addaction and how they support those in need, visit their website here.


Speaking of why Addaction is The Leadership Coaches charity of the year 2020, Director of Coaching, Zoe Lewis, states;


“Following last year’s charity work around homelessness, I recognise that one if the core reasons people end up on streets is that they often get mixed up in drugs & struggle to find a way out. This year, I’ve taken a step back to help people find an alternative to drug use & help them find an alternative path. Addaction was a perfect fit as they also address root causes such as dealing with challenging mental health, as well as addiction.”



Find out how we give back here.

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