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Executive coaching leadership and coaching courses

Our Coaching Courses

At The Leadership Coaches, we are increasingly being asked to develop and deliver programmes either to introduce coaching as a skill or to develop this skill for leaders and managers. As a result, we have designed three courses that can be deployed from peer-to-peer conversations to key challenges faced by managers in using coaching as a practical everyday management tool. Titled Developing a Coaching Style, Managing with a Coaching Style, and Leading with a Coaching Style, these courses can be employed irrespective of where you, your managers, and your leaders are in their leadership journey.

Developing a coaching style for leaders

Developing a Coaching Style

Our Developing a Coaching Style course is an introduction to using a coaching style in day-to-day leadership and management.

Managing with a Coaching Style

Managing with A Coaching Style

Our Managing with a Coaching Style course is designed for managers who wish to advance their coaching practice..

Leading with a Coaching Style

Leading with A Coaching Style

Our Leading with a Coaching Style course is designed for senior leaders who have responsibility for strategic direction.

We are proud to have designed three courses, ensuring that there is a course suitable for all levels. All of our courses focus on a coaching style bringing about improved personal and team performance, employee engagement, retention, well-being, belonging, and delivering outcomes.


Find out more about who the courses are suitable for below, or contact us to discuss your needs with us.

Our Developing a Coaching Style course is aimed at anyone within the organisation who is interested in developing a coaching style. By supporting leaders in developing a coaching style, individuals will have the opportunity to help their people feel valued and heard. They'll also find that their team members take responsibility for their ideas and have space for reflection. If that wasn't enough, this course assists individuals in embracing a learning culture.


The Managing with a Coaching Style course is aimed at managers who will employ coaching in all aspects of their role. Designed with existing managers and aspiring colleagues in mind, this course will support attendees in having difficult conversations, using tension to bring the best out of people, and avoiding collusion.

Designed with existing senior leaders and aspiring senior leaders in mind, our Leading with a Coaching Style course is on hand to assist leaders in developing their coaching style and culture. From uncovering how to move conversations from transactional to transformational to creating a distributed leadership model using a coaching style, this course will equip leaders with the skills needed to develop their coaching style with a focus on organisational systems and strategy.

Which Course Is Right For Me?

If you don't have any previous coaching experience, our Developing a Coaching Style course is a suitable place to start. However, if you have coaching experience and are managing teams, our Managing with a Coaching Style course is a suitable option.

If you have coaching experience and are a senior leader with responsibility for across organisation strategy and overview, our Leading with a Coaching Style course is for you.

Download our course brochure to find out more about our coaching courses.

Frequently Asked Questions 

We've answered some of our most frequently asked questions surrounding our courses below.

Who Will Be Leading the Course?

Our courses are led by experienced facilitators who are expert and accredited coaches.


What Style Will the Courses Be In?

Our facilitators follow an action learning style where significant time is given to experiencing learning rather than delivering in a didactic style. This results in deep learning that is enjoyable, active, engaging, and remembered and that will embed in practice.


Do I Have To Have Any Coaching Experience Before I Attend?

It depends on your current experience. If you have no previous experience with coaching, our Developing a Coaching Style course is a perfect introduction to using coaching day-to-day. If you have previous experience, then depending on your objectives, you will find Managing with a Coaching Style, an advanced course for a manager as a coach, whereas if you are looking to deploy coaching in your leadership practice, Leading with a Coaching Style will be the next course for you.


What if I Miss an Online Session?

The online course sessions are sequential and follow a specific learning journey and design. It will therefore be important that you can commit to each session. In the event of exceptional circumstances, these can be discussed with our Director of Coaching who will explore alternative arrangements for you.

If you would like to learn more about our coaching courses, please contact us today via the form below. Alternatively, chat with us today via the box in the right hand corner of the page, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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