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A team of inspirational, credible and goal-focused coaches, The Leadership Coaches are on hand to help individuals, teams and organisations reach their potential.  Hand-picked by Director of coaching Zoé Lewis, our team of coaches are passionate experts that are ready to apply their latest research into their coaching practice.  Informed, inspired and guided by coaches including Sir John Whitmore, Tim Gallwey and Max Landsberg, find out more about the team here.


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Zoé was professional, caring, and a great coach to me over the last year. She gave me the skills to reach my potential within my career, and the ability to be able to help myself reach my goals in the future, and I am extremely grateful to her. She is enthusiastic, clearly loves her role, and is extremely knowledgable in helping her clients. I highly recommend Zoé as a coach.

Sanchia and I have had several executive coaching sessions recently, which have been productive and insightful. Her style of coaching has been resulting and outcome-oriented, but light touch and fun. She probes with questioning that makes you think carefully about your objective and is an active listener to the answers given. She summarises well the objective and the suggested path to it.

Heather's coaching is like a breath of fresh air!  Professional, practical and always insightful - she has helped me see myself more clearly in a world of ambiguity and change, and supported me in developing a range of impactful actions that work for me.  I would highly recommend her approach and I really enjoy working with Heather.

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